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miroc3 2 hires sresa1b zostoga
Climate Explorer filenamedata/izostoga_O1_miroc3_2_hires.dat (temporary, will be deleted 3 days after last use)
long_nameGlobal Mean Thermosteric Sea Level Change
Ascii global metadata
description zostoga [m] Global Mean Thermosteric Sea Level Change,
file ./IPCCData/sresa1b/
cdi Climate Data Interface version 1.5.0 (
institution KNMI Climate Explorer and CCSR/NIES/FRCGC (Center for Climate System Research, Tokyo, Japan / National Institute for Environmental Studies, Ibaraki, Japan / Frontier Research Center for Global Change, Kanagawa, Japan)
contact Seita Emori (
project_id IPCC Fourth Assessment
table_id Table O1 (13 November 2004)
experiment_id 720 ppm stabilization experiment (SRES A1B)
realization 1
cmor_version 1.0
references K-1 Coupled GCM Description (K-1 Technical Report No.1) in preparation
comment This run was initiated from the end of the corresponding 20C3M run of CCSR/NIES/FRCGC (the same resolution as this run, realization = 1). The conditions including GHGs concentration and various aerosols emissions were changed according to the IPCC SRES A1B scenario in the course of this run.
cdo Climate Data Operators version 1.5.0 (
title CCSR/NIES/FRCGC model output prepared for IPCC Fourth Assessment 720 ppm stabilization experiment (SRES A1B) r1i0p0
history 2021-11-18 12:44:17 netcdf2dat ./IPCCData/sresa1b/
Mon Oct 24 18:57:41 2011: cdo -f nc4 -r -z zip copy zostoga_O1_miroc3_2_hires.nc4
output from MIROC3.2 At 14:34:58 on 12/06/2004, CMOR rewrote data to comply with CF standards and IPCC Fourth Assessment requirements
variable_standard_name global_average_thermosteric_sea_level_change