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monthly NINO12 rel
cutting out region defined by mask ersstv5 nino12, operating on NOAA ERSSTv5 (in situ only), SSTA normalized to 1981-2010, Nino12 index minus 20S-20N average SST, normalised by a factor 1.2297;1.1915;1.1033;1.0684;1.0611;1.0661;1.0773;1.0987;1.1404;1.1761;1.2079;1.2174, Nino12r [K] ERSST v5 relative Nino12 index, (eps, pdf, metadata, raw data, netcdf)
time series
Annual cycles, computed with all data available (Jan-Dec: eps, pdf, raw data,. Jul-Jun: eps, pdf, raw data).
Jul-Jun annual cycle of  NINO12 rel Jan-Dec annual cycle of  NINO12 rel
Anomalies with respect to the above annual cycle (eps, pdf, raw data, netcdf, analyse this time series)

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